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Choosing your first rabbit vibrator

Its 2014 and there are enough hard choices in life to deal with, without having to worry about choosing which rabbit vibrator is best for you.

However, as a first time buyer, there are some pretty simple things to think about which will help you decide.

Does it need to be waterproof?

If you are going to be using your rabbit in the shower or bathtub then you’ll definitely be needing a waterproof vibrator to prolong the lifetime of your rabbit and ensure you have some fun at bathtime!

Does it need to be silent?

If you live with other people and want some privacy then it may be worth looking for a silent vibrator. The cheap rabbit vibrators aren’t exactly noisy but for peace of mind it may be something to think about.

Does size matter?

From the very small to the very large, everybody has their own preference. There is a large variation between rabbit vibrator sizes. The two most important things to look for are the circumference of the shaft, and the shaft length.